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Olympic Gold Medalist Lilly King: You Go Girl!

Stand up! Speak out! Show your stuff! That’s what 19-year-old Lilly King did after winning the 100 meters breaststroke. But there is more! Russian competitor, Yulia Efimova, who had been suspended twice previously for doping, had wagged her finger at Lilly Saturday night after winning her semi-finals heat. Lilly challenged by wagging back. Finishing less [...]

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Life Lessons U.S. Olympians Teach Us

  I love the Olympics! Not just for the competition, but also for the inspiring life lessons the athletes demonstrate. Back in 1988, Brian Boitano was interviewed after accepting his figure skating gold medal. When asked how he felt, Brian said he had visualized that moment since he was a young boy. Visualizing success is [...]

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Reflections Of A Fisherwoman

As an only child, I began fishing with my Dad at the age of two. Over the years I have spent many hours on the water, learning what I now realize are valuable life lessons. Planning:  Fishing requires planning. To catch the” big ones,” having the right gear, being in the right location, and knowing [...]

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What Is Your Happiness Quotient?

  Spring is in the air! More sunshine, more outside activities, more fun! Right! But the media targets the negative: a poor economy, terrorism, and controversial politics. Gloom and doom sells – to the point of creating depression, hostility, and fear. What to do? Martin Seligman, author and founder of Positive Psychology, suggests that we [...]

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Love Thyself First

Recently while checking out at the grocery, my cashier stated she couldn’t take care of herself. She was too busy caring for others. Understood! We get so caught up in the rat race of working, taking care of family, satisfying others, that we put ourselves last. Perhaps we should reverse that thinking. Put ourselves first. [...]

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The Road Ahead

We are all travelers on this spinning globe. 2016 stretches ahead of us like an uncharted road yet to be discovered. What adventures lie ahead for you? Are you coasting into uncharted territory or do you have your plans programed into your Garmin? How about a bit of both? As George Bernard Shaw said, “The [...]

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