Dare to Dream

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Dare to Dream

IMG_2348-1I am one of the original bra burners!

When I went to college in the 60’s, the only degrees available to college women were teaching, nursing, or secretarial training.  So I became a teacher.

My husband saw me as a supplemental salary.  He was abusive but during the 60’s people didn’t talk about spousal abuse.  What went on behind closed doors stayed behind closed doors.

I knew I needed to make a substantial salary to live independently and support my children.  In 1979, I completed my Master’s Degree in Communication Theory.  My husband attended my graduation only because it was on Mother’s Day.

But I had a dream: to create a thriving international business!

Through networking, joining professional organizations, and building a calendar of training dates, I had many successes and connections. One, the training director of Pan American Airlines,  asked me to travel to Vienna, Austria to train United Nations delegates on presentation skills.   UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) is a branch of the UN.

I was successful and returned to Vienna twice a year for the next two years, training UN delegates on how to present in the large conference area we see on TV.

I had achieved both of my dreams!

  • Supporting my children independently as a single mother
  • Making my business into an international success

I challenge you to dare to dream. Explore! Take a chance! Give yourself permission to open the door of possibilities. You never know where the path will lead.

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