Life Lessons U.S. Olympians Teach Us

//Life Lessons U.S. Olympians Teach Us

Life Lessons U.S. Olympians Teach Us


Olympic GamesI love the Olympics! Not just for the competition, but also for the inspiring life lessons the athletes demonstrate.

Back in 1988, Brian Boitano was interviewed after accepting his figure skating gold medal. When asked how he felt, Brian said he had visualized that moment since he was a young boy.

Visualizing success is a key factor in motivating us to achieve our goals. Growth only goes as far as our vision. We must first determine what we want to achieve. Then, set short-term goals to get us there.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee is considered one of the greatest female athletes in history, winning multiple gold medals in Olympic track and field competition, which is rare. Her stamina and determination to step up and compete hard, won out.

Stamina and determination is key to winning. No matter how good the vision, it takes the energy and determination to stay in the race when the going gets tough. Just like Jackie, we must give it our all and overcome odds to win. It doesn’t come easy.

And in spite of adversity in his personal life, eighteen-time Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps will enter the Rio Olympics with a new mission: to rehabilitate his reputation. As Phelps said,“I was on a downward spiral. I was on the express elevator to the bottom floor wherever that might be. And I found it.”

Overcoming adversity, whether it is physical or psychological, is tough but having the courage to admit mistakes, get back in the pool, and claim your potential is such an admirable characteristic that we all can learn. It’s never to late to change. We must face our problems head-on and move beyond them to become winners.

As you watch the Olympic events, take a moment to look beyond the competition and see what lessons you can glean from our amazing U.S. athletes. Then apply them to your own life. That’s my plan!







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