Helping Teams THRIVE Through Open Communication


What does the coaching experience look like?

Every coaching relationship is unique. To work with a coach means you care enough about yourself, your life, and your work to invest yourself and your time, both of which are precious. To best coach you, we will develop a confidential relationship including:

  • Specific topics for coaching engagement. What change do you want to make in your life and career? What obstacles do you face? What is your level of motivation to meet your challenges?
  • As your coach, I am partnering with you as you develop your skills and personal growth. It’s all about you. You call the shots.
  • Coaching involves being in the moment, in a safe place with no distractions, and working on homework between sessions to learn and grow and challenge obstacles together.
  • We will do pre and post assessments to gauge your progress and end our relationship when you feel it is the right time to close.

“Her coaches, clients and colleagues all speak of Connie’s positivity, energy and drive for results in coaching. She creates a rich, safe learning environment. Her style includes expertise in relevant management development topics, coaching and a deep knowledge of the communication space for leaders. The holistic approach she takes ensures her client is focused, personally enriched and professionally challenged. She would be a huge asset to any team as a coach, trainer, facilitator or consultant.”

Les Taylor, Director of Coaching, Symantec

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