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Helping Teams THRIVE Through Open Communication


Organizations are constantly changing. With each change come challenges and opportunities. This is my forte. Give me a call. I will listen as you discuss the situation and together we will develop a strategy, implement the strategy, and then measure the results.

I have witnessed Connie Hoover create highly functioning teams out of individuals and strategic plans out of muddled ideas more times than I can count. She simply works magic with her utterly unique enthusiasm, tireless optimism, complete dedication, and extraordinary focus. Connie is the embodiment of inspiration and will cheer-lead even the most weary of executives into a renewed sense of direction and drive to succeed. I have worked with Connie on an individual level, with my leadership team and with entire departments – she has been someone that I have relied on in every imaginable context, both in the US and overseas. She has keen observation skills that enable her to target both weaknesses and strengths and, without bias or judgement, helps others to see and to seize opportunities. I find her to be an absolutely extraordinary person with endless talent. Anyone who has the benefit of working (and playing – she makes every bit of hard work tremendous fun!) with Connie will consider themselves extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity. Thank you Connie!

Carolyn Herzog, ARM, Ltd, EVP and General Counsel

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Case Study

A global organization with many locations had a product division with locations in India, the UK, Florida, and Utah that were not communicating due to cultural differences.

I interviewed the employees by phone at each of the locations, developed a training program to meet the needs, traveled to each site, and facilitated the program to create team unity across the globe in order for the team to meet production deadlines.

Before implementation, I met frequently with the VP of the division and the Human Resources representative to discuss my findings, determine the issues, implement the training, and finally, measure the team improvement.

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