Reflections Of A Fisherwoman

//Reflections Of A Fisherwoman

Reflections Of A Fisherwoman

Connie & Rockfish

As an only child, I began fishing with my Dad at the age of two. Over the years I have spent many hours on the water, learning what I now realize are valuable life lessons.

Planning:  Fishing requires planning. To catch the” big ones,” having the right gear, being in the right location, and knowing what fish are biting takes planning. Life requires the same. Being organized, we are ready for whatever comes our way.

Awareness:  On the water, being aware of your surroundings is essential. At any moment weather can change, fish can hit, or the Coast Guard can board to check safety gear. Life is fickle and can change in an instant too. Be aware!

Decision Making:  Do we wait for high tide? Do we take a buddy? Do we pack extra tackle? What about lunch? For each life decision there are choices and consequences.

Patience:  Then it’s time to wait. And wait. And wait. Being on the water away from the rest of the world is one of fishing’s best qualities: time to reflect on our lives. What we are doing? What we are not doing? Where have we been? Where we are going? Fishing is time well spent.

Peacefulness:  Peacefulness is fishing’s best life lesson. Getting away from the bustle of life and 21st century technology, turning off the cell phone, listening to waves lap against the boat, feeling sun on your back, smelling clean, fresh air. Fishing provides quiet time to unwind and recharge, away from life’s many stressors.

So when life gets you down, put a ”Gone Fishing” sign on your door. Grab your fishing pole. Restore your inner self.

Thanks Dad for such a powerful gift!










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